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Edit videos,
images and audio


Our video editor can be used by beginners and experts alike. 


Merge clips, images and audio - add effects and text boxes. Add your company's branding and graphical profile. All this with simple switches, inputs and drag n' drop features.


Work together
in projects


We're building a platform where you can collaborate with colleagues and friends.


Organize everything you do - name your projects based on what you're editing - save your progress.

(More features coming in 2018)


Gather all your content
in one place


Organize your videos in your very own library.


As soon as your video is edited and done - it appears in your video library. From here it's up to you what you want to do with it. Share it - download it - or keep it in your library forever.


Get professional help
(if you need it)


We're here for you - as the online video production company you always needed.


Go to our Ucrew store to purchase full edits - adjustments - subtitles - effects - graphics - and much more. 

Our online store will guide you through every step - and when you're done with your order you can chat with us to make sure you get the video you're dreaming of.


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