Ucast 2.0

We're happy to announce that we've opened the gates to a whole new Ucast system!

This version was built to give you the best possible one-stop-shop for video communication. Some of the new features are:


A new editor

This version of the editor is a much faster and more dynamic than ever before.

  • Drag-n-drop assets and effects
  • Browse through all your content in a dedicated menu
  • Shorten clips directly in your timeline
  • Add audio files, images and subtitles and much more!



Our new market place is live. Here you can easily order services (like edits, tweaks, graphics, subtitles, etc.), follow your order, chat with your editor and receive your final product. It's all right there on your page!


Administrative possibilities and more

We will work on adding more and more setting possibilities this year for administrative accounts to decide exactly who gets to do what and how (and when).

  • Make sure your colleagues use the right colors.
  • Invite guests and decide if they can create videos for you.

Other updates you can look forward to is: interactive videos, business channels (for sharing your content), a folder system in the library and more.

Coming in 2018.



If you want to download image files from the old system, or if you just want to say goodbye, you can still do that. We will keep the old system up until 4/5 2018. Log in here.

Don't hesitate to contact us for further help, or if you have any questions regarding this update (or anything else).


Fredrik Kedfors

CTO, Ucast Sweden AB